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Shawnee Chemical appointed PVC Sales represntatives

Sat Feb 01 2020 05:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Interspersal Inc. Is pleased to appoint Schawnee Chemical as our representatives for the PVC market. We believe this partnership will allow us to promote our unique technologies and create value for all concerned

Interspersal Inc. Is pleased to appoint Shawnee Chemical as our Sales Representatives for the PVC market. We are excited about this partnership and believe it will provide real value  with unique products to customers already working with Shawnee Chemicals broad range of products.


Interspersal’s products are ideally suited for both plasticized and rigid PVC including highly permanent SperseStab UV Stabilizers, SperseStab HALS and  SperseStab UVA / HALS blends that provide superior performance to competitive materials. We also offer SperseBright OB and SperseBright OB-1 and soon to be introduced SperseBright OB-V for flexible PVC.

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