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Countless types of chemical additives are known, some containing large numbers within each chemical class.   Antioxidants, UV Absorbers, Hindered Amine light stabilizers, flame retardants, internal lubricants, mold releases, impact modifiers, and anti-stats are just a few of the additives that interact in a polymer matrix.  Picking the wrong combination can lead to catastrophic product failure.  Conversely, selecting the right combination will unlock synergistic effects and can show significant performance enhancements. 

Another consideration often overlooked is proper dispersion, packaging and product form which can reduce cycle times, lower energy costs, and increase product performance.   

Finally, EHS should always be considered during the selection process.  

Our goal is to unlock ALL of the value for our customers by providing safer, easier handling and better performing products.

Ask your representative or register to learn more about our technologies and how we can help your company. 

Interspersal: The act of combining one thing among others to create a new and better whole.

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