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Engineering Polymers Overview

A review of applications for engineering polymers

Review of engineering polymers and applications  including data on the performance of UV Stabilizers, Antioxidants and Hindered amines in various polymers including polyamide, aceatal, polycarbonate, polyester and acrylics. The importance of additive dispersion and solubility are discussed as well as co-additive interactions.


Benzotriazole UV Absorber 

Cas No. 3147-75-9

Highly effective for the light stabilization of plastics, and is especially suited for use in polyesters, PVC, styrenic polymers, acrylics, polycarbonates, and PVB.


Benzotriazole UV Absorber

Cas No. 103597-45-1

High molecular weight, low blooming with minimal plate out in PC and other polymers including PET, POM, PBT, PMMA and Polyamides.  Ideal for co-extrusion multi-layer applications.  


Cyanoacrylate UV Absorber
Cas No. 178671-58-4

Non-interacting low volatility  cyanoacrylate UV Absorber, imparting excellent light stability to engineering polymers.  With excellent thermal stability and no inherent color, it can be used to stabilize highly transparent polymers at high extrusion temperatures.

SperseBright OB-1

Optical Brightener
CAS No. 1533-45-1

flourescent brightening agent used to whiten engineering plastics including: PET, PC, PS and PMMA in concentrations as low as 100 ppm


Hindered Amine Light Stabilizer

Cas No. Propriatary

Cost effective, high molecular weight, Hindered Aminer for use in filled systems of : PPO (Noryl), PPE, Polyamides and polyolefins .  SperseStab 5153 offers excellent dimensional stability to parts under heat compared to other HALS.  Additionally it's tendency for non adsorption  is preferred in filled systems compared with other products.



Cas No. 65140-92-2

A UV stable and low volatility antioxidant that is non-discoloring for several polymers including: Polyolefins, Urethanes, Adhesives, Rosin Esters and Waxes.  Ideal for use in engineering polymers especially PET and Nylon where the antioxidant also functions in solid state polymerization.  



Cas No. 36443-68-2

Highly active atioxidant for use in styrenics including: ABS, MBS, SB and SB Polymers.  SperseStab 1245 also is functional in  POM,  Urethanes, Polyamides, PET and PVC.  

UV Absorber Selection Guide for Engineering Polymers

The attached UV Absorbed selection guide outlines polymer systems and applications.   


SperseStab 3290 (tinuvin 329) is ideally suited for polycarbonate and PC/ABS systems as well as PET and PMMA polymers.  It is ideal for injection moulding and sheet applications.


SperseStab 3234 (tinuvin 324) is ideally suited for PC, PET as well as poly-amide (nylon) and POM (polyacetal).   used for film and sheet applications and offers low volatility and extraction resistance.   

SperseStab 3360 (tinuvin 360) is excellent for coextrusion sheet, films and fiber applications as well as complex moldings of PC, PC/ABS, PET, PA, PMMA and POM.   The extremely low volatility allows for high concentrations in coextrusion layers without the need for a neutral top layer.

SperseStab 3030 (Uvunul 3030) is a cyanoacrylate UV absorber ideal for PC and PET applications.   It offers excellent initial and long term stability.  Is Highly extraction resistant and thermally stable in PC and PET.   SperseSTab 3030 does not interact with residual catalysts eliminating potental for chomophores.  

SperseStab 3577 (tinuvin 1577) is a hydroxyphenol triazine UV absorber with very high molar absrobtivity which allows for use at lower concentrations.   Works in both PC and PC/ABS applications as well as PET fib

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