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Custom Pipe Surfaces


The UV stability needs for PVC can vary greatly based upon formulation, plasticizes, metal stabilizer, pigments and other factors.  Interspersal offers both liquid and solid product lines to address these formulation challenges.

Trio of Candles


The candle industry has changed a lot over the past several years.  From simply a light source to a product designed for ambiance and fragrance delivery.  As such the candle has changed along with the wax carrier.  Interspersal offers UV stabilizers which protect all of these important ingredients.

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Color Concentrates

Liquid color concentrates provide an excellent way to feed materials for the best dispersion and  easy color change.  The challenge is getting non migratory additives into the products and maintain liquid properties.

car light

Engineering Polymers

A full range of UV and Thermal stabilizers to meet the varying needs of engineering resins including: Nylon, PET, PBT, ABS, PC, TPE and TPU.



There is a demand for thermoset materials which are light weight and UV stable.   Engineers are designing materials out of Unsaturated Polyester, Vinyl ester and epoxies which have varying degrees of UV Stability.  Our UV stabilizer technology is designed to accomplish this with an array of products for NSF and FR and Non-FR applications.

Recycled Plastic


Rubber additives including antioxidants, antiozonants and UV stabilizers for optimal processing and long term stabilization of of various types of rubbers.   

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