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Who is Interspersal Inc?  We are a collection of chemists and engineers; but more importantly, we are a group of curious minded scientists with diverse and unique backgrounds and the  singular goal of producing the safest, most efficient and cost effective additive solutions available. Our developments have led us patent pending products,  greener manufacturing processes and unique synergistic blends.     


Where practical, we have partnered with leading global manufacturing plants for both intermediates and finished goods.  These partners are vertically integrated which assures us of the best supply position.   

We are focused on the idea that improved dispersion of additives can not only offer better performance but it often also solves issues such as economics,  handling and EHS concerns. One example is the development of an economical liquid UV absorber which acts as a functional “solvent” / carrier for other UV absorbers and hindered amines.  Several patent pending blends have come out of this work which assist our customers by eliminating VOC’s , solvents, dust inhalation hazards and decrease the viscosity of viscous blends while simultaneously improving UV performance.

  We continue to work in consultation for our customers while  maintaining global leading and collaborative and partners to assure quality and security of supply. 

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