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UV Absorber
CAS No. 3147-75-9

Benzotriazole UV Absorber ideal for rigid and plastisized PVC applications.   Broad spectrum UV absorbance is ideal for use in natural and pigmented systems.


UV Absorber
Cas No. Propriatary

SperseStab-6000 is proven to provide superior color retention and weathering when compared to conventional technology.  It's low viscosity, compatibility and easy dispersion make for easy incorporation to vinyl and unsaturated polyester resins.


UV Stabilizer system

Designed to provide excellent color and gloss retention.   SperseStab 6050 can be used in many areas.  it's low basicity causes minimal interactions with acids generated from dehydrochlorination of PVC.

SperseBright OB

Fluorescent brightener 184
CAS No.  7128-64-5

Fluorescent brightener that finds use in plasticized, rigid, plastisol and organosol PVC.  Offering good solubility in solvents and reduced particle size for screen printing inks.

SperseStab 4866

UV Stabilizer System
Propriatary blend

The UV Stabilizer system is ideally suited for use in PVC and TPU applications.  Utilizing a strong UV-B absorber with excellent photo-permanence  and low color contribution.   Combined with a optimal radical trapping ability for both process and long term UV and thermal stability.

PVC Overview

Overview of PVC stabilization

The PVC Overview presentation includes application and testing data as well as comparisons of different additive systems.   This document as well as other detailed information is available in by registering as a  member.

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