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Rubber Overview

A review of applications for rubbers.

Review of rubber applications  including data on the performance of UV Stabilizers, Antioxidants, antiozonants, Hindered amines and UV absorbers in various polymers including natural rubber, IR, IIR, HIIR, butyl, EPDM, EVA, SBR and CPE polymers.. The importance of additive dispersion and solubility / compatibility with the polymer is discussed as well as co-additive interactions.


Benzotriazole UV Absorber 

Cas No. 3147-75-9

Highly effective for the light stabilization of plastics, and is especially suited for use in polyesters, PVC, styrenic polymers, acrylics, polycarbonates, and PVB.


Aminic Antioxidant 

Cas No. 10081-67-1

Excellent performance over a broad range of temperatures and compatible with other antioxidants including phenols and phosphites.


Phenylenediamine antiozonants
CAS 793-24-8

alkyl-aryl phenylenediamine antiozonant that also provides protection as an antioxidant for use in natural and synthetic polymers. 


Phosphite antioxidant
CAS No.26523-78-4

Non-staining and non-discoloring secondary antioxidant for use in latex and other synthetic polymers.  Ideally used in combination with a primary antioxidants



Cas No. 101-67-7

Aminic antioxidant used in a variety of rubbers including; EPDM, neoprene and nitrile rubbers.  SperseStab-1081 can also be used in combination with other stabilizers including phenolic antioxidants.



Cas No. 99-69-5

Antioxidant and disproportioning agent for use in rubber articles including EPDM, ABS and polybutadiene.  It also functions as an anti-scorching and anti-skinning agent in polyurethanes and adhesive formulations.



Cas No. 36443-68-2

Highly active atioxidant for use in styrenics including: ABS, MBS, SB and SB Polymers.  SperseStab 1245 also is functional in  POM,  Urethanes, Polyamides, PET and PVC.  

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