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Products for Candles

Our UV Stabilizer systems are uniquely designed to offer the greatest performance to our customers.  Both liquid and powdered systems offer optimal performance for soy and paraffin wax candles containing fragrance and dyes.

SperseStab 3290

The standard for UV Absorption of candles.  SperseStab 3290 provides the lowest initial color of any available UV Absorbers and provides an economical solution.

SperseStab 4003

As a powder system SperseStab 4003 addresses many of the concerns of candle formulators including: easy dispersion, limited effect on burn, uv stability, stable melt pool

SperseStab 6000

Superior performance and excellent dispersion compared to competitive UV Absorbers.   Easily incorporated into fragrance or candle wax with minimal mix time and temperature.

SperseStab 6020

Our economical formulation that can be used at low concentrations from 0.05 to 0.20% loading levels.   Provides UV stability and protection for fragrances and dyes in a low viscosity liquid form.

SperseStab 6050

Ideal for candle systems containing challenging and hard to stabilize fragrances like Vanillin.

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