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Unique Liquid UV Stabilizer system

CAS # Propriatary

SperseStab-6000  is a 100% active UV Stabilizer miscible with a large number of solvents and plasticizers.   it is easily incorporated into many different plastics and is ideal for use in flexible and rigid PVC, plastisols and liquid color concentrate formulations.  SperseStab-6000 may also find use in polyurethane coatings as well as vinyl and acrylic adhesives.   There is good compatibility with olifins, polyolifin films and candle wax.  

SperseStab-6000's patent pending technology provides superior UV performance with light fastness improvements from 15% to 100% (depending on polymer matrix).  

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SperseSTAB-6000: Product

Comparison of SperseSTAB-6000 vs. UV-531 after 1000 and 2000 hours weathering in QUV.

QUV 6000 v 531.png
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