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Urethane replacements for UV-328

Sun Mar 15 2020 04:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Interserpsal Inc is working with our customers to replace UV Stabilizers deemed substances of very high concern. In our developments we have created alternatives which eliminate SVHC's while improving weathering performance in QUV testing.

Working with customers we set out to develop a replacement for the UV stabilizer UV 328. This product, has long been identified as a SVHC along with several other chemicals in the benzotriazole class including 320, 327 and 350. A typical customer blend would use UV-328 along with HALS and sometimes include an antioxidant.  Our goal was to replace this package and combine it into a single liquid blend suitable for use in an aromatic urethane.  


We tested over 25 formulations none of which contained SVHC’s while simultaneously looking for a stable liquid blend to outperform the standard formulation. In our testing we were able to identify 5 formulations which met or exceeded expectations after QUV weathering. We further identified materials which offered the best supply chain and greatest security of supply for our customers.

Test                                   ΔE after 168 hrs using B-bulbs

No UV package                35.97

Standard                           28.11

Blend #1                           27.00

Blend #2                           26.11

Blend #3                           25.97

Blend #4                           27.11


After testing and costing were complete, it was determined that blend # 2 provided the greatest economic value to the customer.

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