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UV 328 Replacement

Fri Apr 17 2020 04:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Interspersal has developed a significant and cost effective replacement for commonly used UV 328 and UV 292 systems replacing the SVHC while significantly improving weathering!

Interspersal has developed a new alternative to the commonly used UV 328/UV 292 system that is typically used in coatings. In urethane's the new UV system is showing significant performance improvement over this system. After 96 hours in QUV, a MDI Urethane using 292/328 has a deltaE of over 20 while our new system the deltaE is 6.91! The work involved a total reformulation not just simply replacing UV 328. We addressed the lag time for HALS to photo-oxidize before becoming active. We addressed early urethane absorbance vs absorbance later in the weathering cycle. Finally, we looked at synergism and incorporated products designed to be helpers to UV stabilizers. Next we will be doing additional testing on this new product SperseStab 6228 in a Urethane Acrylate coating and expect to launch the product in July of 2020. #328replacement #innovation #SVHC

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