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KBCure -184 is mainly used as UV curable coatings based on acrylates for paper, wood, metal and plastic materials. KBCure -184 is especially recommended when UV coatings are required to exhibit only minimal yellowing even after prolonged exposure to sunlight. Concentrations of 1.0-5.0% of KBCure -184 are recommended for technical applications

OVP Coatings

Plastic Coatings

Wood Coatings


Lithographic Inks

Screen Inks

KBCure-981 may be used, after adequate testing, in UV curable formulations for clear and for pigmented coatings on wood, metal, plastic, paper and optical fibers as well as for printing inks and prepregs.  KBCure-981 exhibits at low concentrations an outstanding curing performance in highly opaque white and colored furniture coatings or screen inks containing rutile titanium dioxide or colored pigments and affords minimum yellowing after exposure to sufficient amounts of UV-radiation. Additionally the outstanding absorption properties of KBCure 981 allow curing of thick sections.   KBCure-981 can be used in combination with other photo-initiators such as 184 or BDK. With the latter it is especially suited to cure polyester/styrene resins as used for glass reinforced materials.

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